Health Ministry again opens reorientation program for pregnant women

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We want the community to be able to proactively seek health services from health facilities or health workers in the vicinity

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Health Ministry has reopened the reorientation of the class program for pregnant women and the dissemination of related information to support an increase in access and quality of maternal and newborn health services.

The ministry’s Acting Director of Mother and Child Health and Nutrition, Ni Made Diah, stated that the class for pregnant women aimed at educating them regarding their rights, increasing their knowledge to care for their health, and fulfilling nutritional needs.

“We want the community to be able to proactively seek health services from health facilities or health workers in the vicinity,” Diah noted in a statement here, Wednesday.

The dissemination of information and reorientation of the pregnant women class program took place virtually through the YouTube channel of the Mother and Child Health and Nutrition on September 28-29, 2022.

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Diah said the activity is expected to increase access and health services for mothers and newborns as well as for the public to obtain balanced information to support health workers in providing services in accordance with established standards.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the class for pregnant women had been disrupted due to various activity restrictions. However, currently, the class has been reopened by presenting various essential services to improve public health.

“This is not only for the community health center (puskesmas) health workers but also for health workers in all health facilities from the government and the private sector that provide service for newborns,” Diah remarked.

Furthermore, she is optimistic that this activity would be able to provide educational services, offer a means of communication, and facilitate closer access between health workers and mothers and families of newborns.

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In the class for pregnant women, the ministry provides a Mother and Child Health handbook containing essential services that have been recommended to be completed, Diah remarked.

The awareness-raising and reorientation activities for pregnant women presented various topics, such as filling out the Mother and Child Health Handbook, monitoring pregnancy to ensure maternal and fetal health, pregnancy exercises, and class to take care of newborns.

“Hopefully, after this activity, the service for pregnant women would get better. Health workers are also expected to give better service to pregnant women after joining the class,” she concluded.

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