PGRI calls on teachers to prepare for new learning model

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The learning method will not return to the way it was

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI) chairperson Unifah Rosyidi has called on teachers to prepare for the new learning model that combine online and offline learning.

“The learning method will not return to the way it was. I call on the teachers, educators, and education staff to prepare themselves for the new learning model, a combination of online and offline learning,” Rosyidi said in a press statement issued here on Sunday.

Therefore, she urged teachers to open their mind and continue to innovate since those two things are necessitated at the moment.

She also appealed to the government and regional administrations to prepare for the new era with the clear regulation, information dissemination, and coordination.

Currently, PGRI is facilitating millions of teachers to stay connected and learn from each other through various activities.

Rosyidi saw the COVID-19 pandemic as a turning point and the technological disruption as an energy to change the direction and strategy of the organization in enhancing the dignity of its members.

“PGRI is a pioneer for the emergence of teachers in the new era when learning and training are not monopolized by those in urban areas, but can be accessed for all,” she pointed out.

She urged all teachers to welcome the new era and become the pioneer of change together.

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