Social Ministry adds data on disaster victims to DTKS

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Including the ones received by the civil servants, the assistance will be asked to be returned.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Social Affairs Ministry has said it is improving integrated social welfare data (DTKS) by including information on victims affected by natural disasters in Indonesia.

Currently, the improvement is being carried out by entering data on the victims of Mount Semeru eruption, which happened on December 4, 2021, Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini informed.

“Additional data from the disaster victims may be completed in a week,” she said at the ministry’s office here on Tuesday.

Furthermore, about 2,990 disaster victims have received social assistance until December 2021, the minister added.

The ministry is also correcting data by eliminating data on civil servants listed in the recipient list for social assistance so that aid can be disbursed to recipients who deserve the assistance better, she said.

According to Law Number 13/2011 on Handling the Poor, the improvement of DTKS is under the purview of the regional governments, she added.

“Thus, if the regional governments do not make any correction until January 30, 2022, we will assume that the data are correct. Thus, we will erase the assumed wrong data. Including the ones received by the civil servants, the assistance will be asked to be returned,” she informed.

The ministry has provided an account for collecting the cash social assistance returned by the civil servants, she said.

DTKS verification is not only being carried out through the ‘proposal’ and ‘rebuttal’ features of the Cek Bansos app, but also being performed in person by local governments, she added.

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In addition, the welfare of social assistance recipients is being monitored by using satellite imagery to review the condition of their houses, Rismaharini informed.

As of December 2021, 32,568 civil servants had received social assistance and their data had been reported to the local governments, she said.

The total number of people found ineligible for social assistance reached 1,100,215, she said. In addition, through geo-tagged data, 29,137 people were considered ineligible for the aid, she added.

Meanwhile, 53,623 people were found eligible for social assistance, she said.

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